Friday Faturday Funday

unlike some of today’s neurotic/ADD/masochistic parents, during my summer vacations as a child, i didn’t take soccer, ballet, gymnastics, tap, swimming, tennis, voice, cheer.  i took the obligatory weekly piano lessons but come on, i’m asian.

once in a while, i would slather on baby oil from head to toe and fry outside for 10 minutes before critical dehydration and hallucination set in and crawl back inside. of course my mom would leave us math/english lessons from teaching books to finish while my parents were at work.  we found the answers hid away in her closet – took 3 minutes, done.  my siblings and i watched tv for 6 straight hours behind closed curtains to conserve the airconditioning that protected us from the ferocious san fernando valley sun. if we fell asleep while watching 3 hours of cartoons, fine.  if we ate dig ’em smacks for lunch, cool.  if we wore the same thing for 5 straight days, whatever. when my mom came home from work, we’d shield our eyes from the blinding harsh sunlight coming from the open door. Continue reading


Mindful Courteous Pooping Only

it’s sad and slightly disturbing that it does but the toilet plays a large part in my life, whether it’s at home or in public. in fact, i have a post completely dedicated to poop. below is more focused on the toilet; read and commiserate please:

at home

  • my kids have tried to lift my tush while i’m doing my business to see what’s going on in there.
  • both my kids have the most clenchy butts in the universe – impossible to wipe thoroughly.

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Are You There God? It’s Me …

you take a deeper dive, reexamine your morals, find out what you’re truly made of, question your beliefs as soon as you become a parent.

in the past few months, my daughter has brought up death quite a few times, whether it’s about the fear of dying or what happens after we die or the thought of losing her mom and dad forever. to a five year old, it’s terrifying. heck to me, it’s even scary. actually, it’s not what happens after death that’s scary, it’s the process. i don’t want my death to be a painful long drawn out one, i don’t want to be a burden to anyone else, i don’t want to be miserable. i want it to be quick and preferably while i’m sleeping.

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They Are Torturing Me On Purpose, I Swear.

when you have your first child,  you’re usually overthemoon crazyinlove with your baby.  it can do no wrong – even if it spits up in your mouth, sharts on your new couch, pees in your hair, wakes you up every two hours wailing in hunger.  everything is precious, funny, amazing.  but just you wait … give it some time because undoubtedly – slowly yet surely – the novelty wears off.  their barf stanks.  their poop pisses you off.  pee on the wall is so not funny.  you seriously start to think that your kid has clinical insomnia. Continue reading

Talking Trash … About Me.

i’m not going to reveal my exact age but that statement alone should tell you that i’m older than i want to be. if i was 28 or 32, i’d shout it from the mountaintops. i still have some guilty pleasures that are probably inappropriate for my age. one of them is watching makeup tutorials on youtube – whether it’s pixiwoo, jung saem mool, lisa eldridge, gossmakeupartist. there’s something so soothing and satisfying about watching a bare face turn into a beautifully made up one. there’s this tag that’s been going around for quite some time on youtube and the blog community that i thought was fun … and it’s always interesting to learn revealing things about the person you follow/read.

What do you order at Starbucks? chai soy latte because i am room-clearingly lactose intolerant so no milk anything for me OR just straight up coffee. either way, i’m not in there for anything other than GET OUTTA THE WAY I NEED CAFFEINE NOW.

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Having Faith In My Daughter

every parent thinks their children are the most.  most special, most talented, most intelligent.  my daughter is many mosts but from a very young age, we noticed she was and is very empathetic and understands emotions.  there are a couple korean words that describe her perfectly but there isn’t a true english translation. Continue reading

You Know You’re A Parent When …

from clubs in junior high to greek organizations in college, playing sports to getting married, we instantly bond when we join a group because we have common knowledge, same goals, shared experiences.  but there ain’t nothing like being jumped into the crazy company of like-minded tired bewildered adoring heart-bursting people called parents.

you know you’re a parent when:

  • poop don’t faze you no more – even if you accidentally eat some.
  • the thought of getting locked up in solitary, pitch black sound proof room, with nothing to do but sleep in absolute silence sounds like a little bit of heaven. Continue reading