The Obligatory “What I’m Thankfor For This Thanksgiving” Post.

since i can remember, thanksgiving has been a time of family gathering and lots of delicious fatty creamy food. my siblings and i talk about it weeks before in anticipation of my mom’s extremely unhealthy rich heavy cooking. she usually prepares healthy fare but during thanksgiving, it’s artery clogging, gut busting deliciousness. i am wiping the drool off my chin as i’m typing this.

this thanksgiving is very different than last – we moved to a new city, my little girl started kindergarten, i’m now a freelancer – but this year, more than ever, i am thankful. as you grow older, you realize what is important, i mean really important, and what else is just fluff.

this year, i am thankful because i get to:

  • see the face of my little bigboy when he’s straining while pooping.
  • hear my daughter sing out of tune, “a whole new world,” at the top of her lungs.
  • laugh at my husband’s lame cheesy but endearing jokes.
  • work from home so my kids will remember their childhood playing, studying, drawing, laughing, crying, eating with me.
  • have parents, in-laws, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins who are supportive, loving, funny, smart, hard working, established, wonderful people.
  • continue lifelong friendships with women who are beautiful, strong, giving, sexy, quirky, and still have a little bit of rebel left in ’em because living by the rules is boring.
  • have a body that is for the most part healthy, even after all i’ve put it through.
  • live in the best country in the world.
  • nick junior. any parent knows what i’m talking about.

here is what i am not thankful for:

  • aging. i don’t believe those women who say they never felt so beautiful and sexy and secure as they do growing older. bullfreakingsh*t. that’s just something old people say to try and make themselves feel better. NO ONE loves wrinkles, sagging, gray hair, age spots, dimples, and getting called, “ma’am.”
  • flu season. force-feeding cherry-flavored liquid tylenol, passing out from nose frida’ing 42x in a row, sprinting across the room to catch vomit in my hands is not a good time.
  • deciding what to cook for dinner/packing lunches. it’s a feeling of dread and stress mixed into one.
  • traffic. driving with one hand hovering over the horn at all times is probably not good for my health.
  • holiday vacations. of course i love having my kids with me but really, why do they need 2 weeks off in december, and another week off in january, february and march. that’s just parent cruelty.
  • brain: unlike my body, my brain is almost kaput.

i canNOT wait to stuff my face, unbuckle my pants and spazz out with my family. hope you enjoy your thanksgiving too – wherever and whomever you spend it with.

gobble gobble.


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