You Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

it’s been a couple months since my last post – let me explain.

i started what i thought was my dream and last job until retirement back in may. it was with a company that developed products i truly believed in. the people were young, smart and funny. i felt like i fit from a personality and chemistry stand point. before i even stepped foot into the office my first day, i knew i was going to work long hours, the job was going to be challenging, and i was going to be stretched to the limit … and i was genuinely excited to take the next big step in my career.

what i didn’t anticipate was the incredible toll it was going to take on me and more importantly, my family.

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You Know You’re Stressed/Tired/Losing It When …

the top-20 signs you know you’re stressed/busy/juggling too many things at once:

  1. your weekly house cleanings have now become … never.
  2. you’ve been holding your pee for the past 3 hours because you can’t spare the 2 minutes.
  3. you’re not sure if your nightmare was real or not.
  4. you seriously think about chewing coffee crystals straight out of the can instead of making it – BREWING TAKES TOO LONG.
  5. you ask a question and get the answer; 10 seconds later you ask the same question.  it’s like the movie memento except you’re living your life in 10 second loops.
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Make Sure To Hit Her Back … But HARDER.

as a kid, i was at different times a bully and bullied.  i don’t think my daughter will ever be a bully – she just doesn’t have it in her.  she’s incredibly sweet and empathetic and nurturing.  being bullied by girls is especially painful because unfortunately, girls are natural born experts at isolating, pointing out your weaknesses in the meanest of ways, getting other girls to gang up on you.  one day you’re best friends, the next day, sometimes inexplicably, you’re the outcast.

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Talking Trash … About Me.

i’m not going to reveal my exact age but that statement alone should tell you that i’m older than i want to be. if i was 28 or 32, i’d shout it from the mountaintops. i still have some guilty pleasures that are probably inappropriate for my age. one of them is watching makeup tutorials on youtube – whether it’s pixiwoo, jung saem mool, lisa eldridge, gossmakeupartist. there’s something so soothing and satisfying about watching a bare face turn into a beautifully made up one. there’s this tag that’s been going around for quite some time on youtube and the blog community that i thought was fun … and it’s always interesting to learn revealing things about the person you follow/read.

What do you order at Starbucks? chai soy latte because i am room-clearingly lactose intolerant so no milk anything for me OR just straight up coffee. either way, i’m not in there for anything other than GET OUTTA THE WAY I NEED CAFFEINE NOW.

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My Geritol Moments

whether due to my wild child days and/or getting older, evidence of early onset dementia and memory loss is growing exponentially each day.

  • find milk in pantry
  • find keys in fridge
  • read emails on my phone – that’s in my hand – then have a sudden panic attack because i don’t remember where i left said phone
  • look at one of my kids but call it the other’s name and get mad because my kid won’t answer me

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The Most Important Men In My Life: My Daddy and my Babies Daddy

there are two main fathers in my life: my own and my husband to our kids.

i’m sure many asian kids experienced this growing up but my dad was not affectionate or communicative. he was very stern and a man of few words but i can’t blame him since he was raised the same way; that’s all he knew. he is the middle child of 5 – an older brother and sister, and 2 younger brothers. it’s funny … until i was older, i thought my dad was the very scary short-tempered crazy one but when my uncles and aunt came to america, they told me he was actually the softie of the bunch and was my grandfather’s favorite for mainly this very reason.

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The Opposite Of A Good Time

in addition to drug-related connotations, a bad trip – aka BT – also refers to when something goes awry, south. basically, a negative experience that ruins your mood.

  • looking very hot in your head but in the mirror, you see hanging nose boogies, especially in public.
  • the very distinct smell of diarrhea coming from a diaper you have to change.
  • finding gray hairs in areas that are not your head.
  • accidentally eating dairy when you’re lactose intolerant then sitting in a 2-hour meeting with coworkers.
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