Dedicated To My Little Big Man

dearest son,

today, you turned 3 years old.

there is no one in this world that can melt my heart as quickly as you. that can turn my anger to laughter, sadness to joy, irritation to cheer in a matter of seconds just by a few words from your husky voice.

i’ll be honest … when you were in my belly, i used to worry that i wouldn’t be able to love you as much as your sister.  Continue reading


Dedicated To My Little Big Girl

*warning: extremely sappy post ahead; read at your own discretion*

dearest daughter,

i feel disbelief, bittersweet, sadness, yearning, nostalgia because today, you turned 5.

when i first found out i was pregnant, i was hoping for a boy, as most of my close friends had boys as first-borns and i wanted you guys to all be BFFs. but as soon as the ultrasound technician told me “it’s a girl,” i cried tears of both shock and happiness.  the second you slipped out of me and the nurses plopped you on my chest, i remember feeling such an overwhelming warmness from head to toe.  it hit me like a mack truck to the body … this is love.

from the moment you were born, you were bright eyed and bushy tailed.  in fact, you literally looked at the camera and smiled within hours of birth, and here’s proof:

i went to work 4 months after you were born. i had such intense separation anxiety that i would bring your dirty onesies with me stuffed in a ziploc, take it out when i was on the brink of losing it, secretly take in a long heavenly sniff , then hurriedly stow it back into my purse for fear of my co-workers catching me and thinking i was a gross lunatic. Continue reading