Make Sure To Hit Her Back … But HARDER.

as a kid, i was at different times a bully and bullied.  i don’t think my daughter will ever be a bully – she just doesn’t have it in her.  she’s incredibly sweet and empathetic and nurturing.  being bullied by girls is especially painful because unfortunately, girls are natural born experts at isolating, pointing out your weaknesses in the meanest of ways, getting other girls to gang up on you.  one day you’re best friends, the next day, sometimes inexplicably, you’re the outcast.

in junior high, there were these two very popular bff’s but one day, one of them turned on the other with such fierceness that it was shocking. Continue reading


Having Faith In My Daughter

every parent thinks their children are the most.  most special, most talented, most intelligent.  my daughter is many mosts but from a very young age, we noticed she was and is very empathetic and understands emotions.  there are a couple korean words that describe her perfectly but there isn’t a true english translation. Continue reading