The Obligatory “What I’m Thankfor For This Thanksgiving” Post.

since i can remember, thanksgiving has been a time of family gathering and lots of delicious fatty creamy food. my siblings and i talk about it weeks before in anticipation of my mom’s extremely unhealthy rich heavy cooking. she usually prepares healthy fare but during thanksgiving, it’s artery clogging, gut busting deliciousness. i am wiping the drool off my chin as i’m typing this.

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Thrilling Thursday Thoughts (doesn’t it sound like i have a lisp?)

you know, just some stuff i HAD to get off my chest:

  1. why does my husband sound like he’s being strangled to death when he brushes his teeth?
  2. when my kids see a spider, they yell, “MOMMY, SPIDER KILL IT!” … not “DADDY, SPIDER KILL!”  deduce from that what you will. Continue reading

Sparks Of Love Evolve To Sparks Of Arguments.

you meet someone and there’s that *spark,* date for a few years, go through hellish wedding planning (seating charts were my enemy), live in bliss for a couple years, get pregnant, and think that you’ve made it as a couple. oh honey, let me slap you into reality.  the true test of marriage begins the moment your baby comes into your life because it’s about to take a crash course in endurance, patience, compromise and understanding.

the first few weeks after coming home from the hospital with your newborn is a complete blur – you’re brimming with feelings you’ve never felt before (the highest of highs and sometimes the lowest of lows), guests around the clock, feedings, changings, painful recovery – it’s all so new and novel.  but once the shine wears off and you’ve settled into a routine, it’s just the baby, you and your spouse … except things aren’t the same. Continue reading

Clutter Is The King Of Crap

when i was younger, i was messy.  not really a slob where you couldn’t see the carpet under mounds of dirty laundry but more like i didn’t mind dust on my dresser or my long hair on the carpet or a small pile of clothes in a corner.  that changed when i got my own place after college.  my apartment was in a dangerous location – there were homeless people sitting on the stoop and snoring very loudly in the bushes – but it was $600 a month, and i could barely afford that.  you see, i had very VERY did i say very strict asian parents, so you lived at home until you got married.  but after living in such a restrictive controlled household then tasting the freedom of chaos (and many illegal substances) in college, you know there was no way in hell that i was moving back.  i clearly remember my mom saying to me upon hearing that i’d already put a down payment on the apartment and got my keys and was moving out in 2 days:

“we are not giving you a penny if you move out now.”
“that’s fine mom because i will never ask for one.”

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