Can You Love Your Children Equally?

growing up the eldest of three kids, our parents raised us very differently.

i was the the guinea pig, so i got all sorts of f**cked up.
my younger sister witnessed the insane trouble i got in, turned out the exact opposite and was the perfect child.
by the time my brother was born 10 years after me, my parents basically didn’t care – his diaper didn’t get changed until it was so heavy, the crotch part was touching the ground.

i vowed that as a parent, i’d be completely fair, never compare my kids, love them equally, treat them the same. as soon as i became a parent for the second time, i realized what an idealistic naive idiot i was.

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Random Musings: Chewbacca Momma, College Sippy Cups, Bubonic Plague

some lame & inane musings from the past week:

  • sooooo, why exactly do we have daylight savings again?
  • you know you’re getting old when you’re out with your friends and by 11 pm, all you can think about is getting out of your uncomfortable clothes and shoes, washing your face, taking out your contacts, pulling your hair in a scrunchie bun, and putting on your home uniform of ugly tshirt and uglier sweats. ahhhh that sounds like a little bit of heaven!
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You Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

it’s been a couple months since my last post – let me explain.

i started what i thought was my dream and last job until retirement back in may. it was with a company that developed products i truly believed in. the people were young, smart and funny. i felt like i fit from a personality and chemistry stand point. before i even stepped foot into the office my first day, i knew i was going to work long hours, the job was going to be challenging, and i was going to be stretched to the limit … and i was genuinely excited to take the next big step in my career.

what i didn’t anticipate was the incredible toll it was going to take on me and more importantly, my family.

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I’m So Filled With Pearls Of Wisdom And Whatnot

because i am a keenly astute & observant person, i share with you my pearls of wisdom:

  • the sound of crinkling candy wrapper is like a sugar mating call to my kids.  they drop whatever they’re doing and charge foamy mouthed towards the sound.
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You Know You’re A Parent When …

from clubs in junior high to greek organizations in college, playing sports to getting married, we instantly bond when we join a group because we have common knowledge, same goals, shared experiences.  but there ain’t nothing like being jumped into the crazy company of like-minded tired bewildered adoring heart-bursting people called parents.

you know you’re a parent when:

  • poop don’t faze you no more – even if you accidentally eat some.
  • the thought of getting locked up in solitary, pitch black sound proof room, with nothing to do but sleep in absolute silence sounds like a little bit of heaven. Continue reading

Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll … At The Tender Age Of 9?

i often wonder if i’ll be noholdsbarred honest about myself with my kids when they get a bit older; i certainly wasn’t and still am not with mine. it’s all such new territory because i don’t have an example to follow.

my parents came to america in their late 20’s so their core oldschool korean values were already hard wired – getting straight-a’s, never going out, staying home until you married, being 100% obedient, basically anything opposite of fun and free. especially as their first born, i was the guinea pig child. they were working graveyard shifts on alternating days, didn’t speak english, scraping by, had no real family in the states, were first-time parents. as i grew up, they didn’t know who this nonstraight a, defiant, sullen girl was and how to deal. so screaming and yelling, fighting and crying, sneaking out and running away, and lots of hiding and lying. there was no way they could or would understand 99% of what i was going through. needless to say, muy mucho no bueno.

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Things That Make You Go F**K!

  • baby just dumped out the biggest wateriest messiest runniest poop … there’s only one diaper wipe left.
  • groggily open up coffee can only to realize there’s not even enough to make one cup.
  • thinking of what to pack for your kids lunches.
  • conference call, kids wailing at dinner out of boredom, expecting important call but cell phone has 10% battery life and is 5 minutes away from causing your head to literally explode. Continue reading