Can You Love Your Children Equally?

growing up the eldest of three kids, our parents raised us very differently.

i was the the guinea pig, so i got all sorts of f**cked up.
my younger sister witnessed the insane trouble i got in, turned out the exact opposite and was the perfect child.
by the time my brother was born 10 years after me, my parents basically didn’t care – his diaper didn’t get changed until it was so heavy, the crotch part was touching the ground.

i vowed that as a parent, i’d be completely fair, never compare my kids, love them equally, treat them the same. as soon as i became a parent for the second time, i realized what an idealistic naive idiot i was.

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What I Would Tell My 15 Year-old Self

i’m sure you’ve seen various videos from the “it gets better” campaign. for me, the one that made a lasting impression was by apple:

it really struck a chord because those were some sucky times, my teens. for so many reasons, i look back and cringe.

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