Talking Trash … About Me.

i’m not going to reveal my exact age but that statement alone should tell you that i’m older than i want to be. if i was 28 or 32, i’d shout it from the mountaintops. i still have some guilty pleasures that are probably inappropriate for my age. one of them is watching makeup tutorials on youtube – whether it’s pixiwoo, jung saem mool, lisa eldridge, gossmakeupartist. there’s something so soothing and satisfying about watching a bare face turn into a beautifully made up one. there’s this tag that’s been going around for quite some time on youtube and the blog community that i thought was fun … and it’s always interesting to learn revealing things about the person you follow/read.

What do you order at Starbucks? chai soy latte because i am room-clearingly lactose intolerant so no milk anything for me OR just straight up coffee. either way, i’m not in there for anything other than GET OUTTA THE WAY I NEED CAFFEINE NOW.

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